AZ Museum. Digital Museum


Working on a complex project for the AZ Museum, our aim was to point out a relatively young cultural institution on Moscow’s museum map, focusing onpresenting its importance and monumentality. We incorporated the values and positioning of the museum in its branding, while the site took on the mission of enlightenment by telling the story of the development of Soviet unofficial art from A to Z.

It was especially important to analyze and structure rich textual and visual content, which the previous version of the site simply showed to its visitors at random. Trying to captivate the reader, we built the site's architecture according to the principles of storytelling. We told about the era of the Soviet Renaissance, the history of the museum and the biography of Anatoly Zverev, all using long articles with detailed timelines.

You can easily get acquainted with famous works online even before buying a ticket, as there is now a section — «Collection» — that allows visitors to navigate through many digitized pictures. The AZ Museum is known for its large, diverse collection and its lack of a permanent exhibition, so visitors can keep track of current exhibitions with the help of the «Now in the Museum» section.

Visually, the site became a vivid portal for exploring the work of non-conformist artists. Thanks to a combination of massive typography, even the font speaks to us in a certain tone, while coarse split-blocks and interjections in the form of drawn lines help users feel the spirit and toughness of the unofficial art movement in the Soviet Union in the blink of an eye.

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