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BrandMonitor is a leading legal tech company operating in the field of automation of anti-counterfeiting measures. The team works in the b2b segment. Over the years, it has developed a comprehensive approach to brand protection: starting from a full-scale system of online brand protection and offline inspections to the preparation of pre-trial and court filings. BrandMonitor began to operate in the Russian market, and over 7 years of its work has gradually shifted to the foreign market. To feel confident on the world stage the company had to adjust its positioning and create an image of a reliable international company with technological innovations in the field of intellectual property protection. We were asked to develop a strategy and a new brand identity.

BrandMonitor is a Challenger in the field. Unlike most companies that offer narrowly specialised expertise, BrandMonitor provides a comprehensive global solution to brand protection, leveraging innovative technology solutions and integrating the necessary expert knowledge. The company strives to make brand protection a social trend and bring anti-counterfeiting measures to a level proportional to the volume of infringements.

Our research team from Signal (part of ONY) conducted a series of in-depth interviews with members of the professional community and industry experts and examined the category in detail. The interviews revealed to us the essence of the company – 'Brand Protection Megamind'. It can be described as an ingenious 'Megamind' that controls all brand protection processes. At the same time, Megamind is not a cold and indifferent artificial intellect: the personalities of the founders and the entire team, their values and principles stand behind it. BrandMonitor controls the performance of technology and treats all cases of infringement individually. This combination of technology, innovation and automation, on the one hand, and a considerate, discreet and human approach, on the other, accurately describes the nature of the brand.

The scanning radar beam is a pivotal metaphor for the new brand identity. This metaphor visually captures the idea behind the Brand Protection Megamind. It is a kind of all-seeing eye, or the all-penetrating artificial superintelligence from The Matrix, capable of reaching and detecting infringement anywhere. A minimal representation of this idea is displayed in the company logo – a set of beams scanning a surface, going deep into perspective and merging at one point. The same idea is embodied differently in the company's animated and static graphics. Here the beam becomes invisible, and the process of scanning 3D objects or branded icons is indicated by a smoothly moving orange shading.

The new colour palette helps to convey the tone of communication. The accented orange colour, on the one hand, transmits the brand's innovation and energy. In combination with other shades, its character changes. With dark graphite, beige and grey, its brightness is softened. Therefore, we get a confident, intelligent and mature brand identity.

As for the choice of typeface, typography and layout – many features were borrowed from classic modernist design: the modular grid, elements of columnar layout, typographic hierarchy, contrasting lettering, indents, bullets, text boxes, and divider bars. The employment of these components creates the image of a reliable b2b partner.

The elements of the new visual identity reflect BrandMonitor's determination to become a trustworthy b2b player in the global market and desire to participate in the creation of an inspiring, optimistic and secure future, thanks to modern brand protection technologies.

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