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The Flacon Magazine team has the ambitious goal of bringing representatives from the entire fashion universe in one place and format: journalists, bloggers, cosmetic brands and readers. With modern tools and exciting, honest content, ONY helped create a unique digital platform. This platform allows the magazine to build up an active community and foster communication between its audience and beauty industry experts.

In 2019, media formats are no longer restricted to the classic uses of content. Social media has created many new interaction patterns and formats. That’s why we chose to adapt popular mechanics from social networks as the basis for the magazine’s editors and readers.

Using the platform, you can subscribe to authors, become an author yourself, send content for moderation, make a personal feed based on your interests, like and comment on posts, and view live stories. Stories are a great tool that can be used to achieve different goals. Authors can promote their publications within stories, editors can use them to focus on events from the fashion industry, and users can get more attention for themselves. Later, there will be the ability to make purchases on the platform.

We chose our fonts to keep things readable, but a little provocative. We used Druk for working with announcements, article accents and navigation because of its modern, cheeky nature. We also used Suisse, a calm and comfortable typeface, for ordinary texts and system solutions.

According to statistics, the audience of Flacon Magazine mostly uses mobile devices. Therefore, the functionality of mobile and desktop versions should be the same.

We try to avoid making layouts with too many decorations. One of the most challenging aspects of the project was to unite a strict, logical approach to UX with the magazine’s fashion aesthetic. We needed to make a product that was both bright and easy to use. Every unique detail is, above all else, a functional interface element grounded in our UX approach.

For our team, this was a major interdisciplinary project. We made it in several stages, beginning with a semiotic analysis of the target audience to and ending with the implementation of the website. We are very pleased that in working together with Flacon’s editors and marketing department, we were able to solve complex problems. Looking into the future, we are sure that this new digital platform will help Alena Doletskaya and her team to create a much-needed communication center for all of Russia’s beauty industry.

We used materials from the to demonstrate the case. All images are courtesy of Flacon Magazine ©

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