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Raiffeisen DGTL is a team of IT specialists working on Raiffaisenbank’s digital solutions: they create the entire digital experience for clients, personalize products and integrate changes into all of them. In 2018, the team started actively working on a tech-focused HR brand and turned to us for help creating their careers site, which had to communicate the company’s values and attract the boldest and most ambitious employees.

The team describes their market advantages as freedom to act, simplicity of realizing new ideas and immense potential for development. These theses were first reflected in the bold brand that Raiffaisen DGTL build from the banking sector. At the core of the company style developed by Red Keds is an original font, OSRF, that takes its inspiration from a computer command line, and variable ASCII graphics that offer a lot of potential for use in digital formats. Our challenge was to imagine how a careers site would give their HR brand the right panache and translate the sense of “a place of one’s own” to potential employees.

The groundwork of the site is an imitation of an integrated development environment (IDE). On the main page, there are blocks with important information, presented as operating system windows that can move and minimize with pleasant microanimations—just like in a standard workflow. We decided to support that idea with decorative accents: there are bits of code scattered around the site that can be copied and used if users so wish. ASCII graphics integrated perfectly into various elements: we sketched out an eye-catching preloader, added playfulness to portraits and brought backgrounds to life. Together, they create a sense of an exiting space: there’s always space for creativity and an innovative approach in development.

The site had to become the key assistant in searching for information, both for current employees and potential ones. On the “Team” page, you can find all the information you need about Raiffeisen DGTL’s projects and open positions; on the “Blog” page you can find the latest news about the digital market; and on the “Events” page you can choose an event based on your personal field. Before the pandemic, the Raiffeisen DGTL team maintained a busy schedule of hackathons, meetups and conferences; we created an integration with third-party services for the site. It’s easy to find the latest digital trends on the site as well as follow IT schools and student internships. The search for “their” team became an exciting one, and most importantly, an easy one. The Raiffeisen DGTL site became a portal for their unique digital gang.

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