Samsung Gear S2. Perfectly round


YSK Media is a Korean company and a key design partner of Samsung. They challenged us with a very ambitious goal: to develop a concept of a completely round user interface for Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch. At the beginning of the project we only had a prototype mock-up of the watch and a description of Tizen OS capabilities. What we ended up with was a full-fledged concept of the innovative user interface. We built the UI and the launch campaign that were absolutely ready for prime-time.

We undertook some very extensive research of target audience’s requirements and expectations. We performed countless experiments to try different casing designs and UI styles. That brought us to the idea of absolutely customizable watch-faces. So, we developed this concept of a special kind of app to bring as much flexibility to the screen of the watch. The users can easily build individual designs of watch-faces and tune up their watches to their mood and preference.

We developed the entire range of visual communications for the launch of the product. It included CG-visualization, package design, ads, etc. All of them conveyed the emotional charge of the product along with a clear message.

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